Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Label: Columbia
Genre: Hip-hop
Released: 25 June 2021


12. RISE!



"Eyes is cryin' on the jet, cruisin'
'Bout to spend millions just to fill voids up
Drama, I need you, can you turn the noise up?
Can you turn the noise up? Can you turn the noise up?"

Tyler, The Creator is on a winning streak. He reached new heights of acclaim amongst audiences and critics alike with 2017’s “Flower Boy”; an album far more intimate and lush than anything he’d previously released. And two year later, “IGOR” continued to impress, delivering a tight narrative revolving around the bloom and subsequent decay of a new relationship. These are his most accomplished works to date, and the huge amount of attention that they’ve received has been extremely well deserved. Tyler is an artist who has spent the last decade building his career from nothing; from mixing “Bastard” in FL studio at his Grandma’s house back in 2009, to performing to sold-out stadiums around the world only a decade later. The 2010s have been an extremely formative period for Tyler, and his maturity over this time is reflected in the quality of his music. Not only did his songwriting improve with the release of “Flower Boy”, but so too did his production and directorial abilities. “Flower Boy” had Tyler overseeing the recruitment of a fantastic roster of featuring artists, and using that collaboration to improve his music in every way imaginable; allowing the album to flourish in its immense saturation of talent. “IGOR”, on the other hand, demonstrated his ability to outshine his contemporaries even when working entirely alone. With minimal support and features, “IGOR” resulted in a finished product that sounded deeply personal, heavily conceptual and laser focused. Despite the differences between these two records, they both managed to rank as his most impressive offerings yet, due to his clear efforts to build his maturity and proficiency. And the release of his sixth studio album, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”, signals both a victory-lap for the success brought about by “Flower Boy” and “IGOR”, while simultaneously weaving its own fantastic narrative between moments of celebration. And just like his previous two records, it’s one of the most enjoyable albums of its year.

At its core, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” feels like a huge party, celebrating Tyler’s achievements over the last few years. From its opening moments, Tyler is accompanied by DJ Drama, who provides constant hype throughout the record, with small quips that fill the gaps between bars and verses. His presence is always noticeable, but it’s never enough to become distracting, or compromise the album’s flow. If anything, it does a great job of hitting home the moments throughout the record where Tyler is expressing gratitude and pride in his work. And this is a major theme that persists throughout most of “CMIYGL”. Many of the songs on here, from ‘LEMONHEAD’, to ‘LUMBERJACK’, ‘RUNITUP’, and ‘JUGGERNAUT’, focus on the upward trajectory of his career, as he simultaneously brags and expresses a deep thankfulness for the place he’s ended up. In the short interlude ‘BLESSED’, Tyler captures this at its most pure and genuine, as he lists all of the things that he feels luckiest to have; things that may have seemed like a fantasy only a few short years ago. It’s a summation of everything that he’s discussed throughout the album so far; his successes within the entertainment industry; his mental and physical health being better than ever; his expansion into opening his own clothing brand; and the beautiful, yet sometimes painful sensations that come with falling in love. And while the album takes much of its runtime to hype up Tyler’s success, it’s also interweaved with a far more restrained narrative, telling the story of a doomed romance.

In-between the loud, bombastic festivities spearheaded by DJ Drama, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” also periodically branches off into a far more romantic, smooth sound; something more reminiscent of what Tyler began to explore in “IGOR”. This first appears in the track ‘WUSYANAME’, which introduces a narrative that will continue to peek in and out of “CMIYGL”; one involving a relationship with a girl who already has a boyfriend. And this is done in a way that feels as though Tyler is ducking in and out of his own party, attempting to spend as much time with her as he possibly can. Although the approval and acclaim of so many people is more than he could have ever wanted, he still finds himself infatuated with something that is ultimately unattainable. ‘WUSYANAME’ kicks off the narrative with Tyler’s initial attempts at flirtation with the girl, before finding out that she’s taken. And although he returns to the party for the next few tracks, indulging in celebrations and reminiscing on his rise to fame, the narrative resurfaces in the absolutely massive, affectionate two-parter; ‘SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE’.

This track is absolutely stunning. It sits just under ten minutes, and is possibly the most beautiful song that Tyler has released so far. The first half is a gorgeous love-letter from Tyler, expressing himself falling for the girl, despite knowing he’s overstepping his boundaries. The second half then finds him in conversation with the her, who, despite also having feelings for him, decides to stay with her current partner. And both of these sections are accompanied by some fantastic instrumentals; the first of which feels most akin to his style from “IGOR”, and the second adopting a groovy, bossa nova feel, which sets it apart from everything else on the record really nicely.

But if ‘WUSYANAME’ and ‘SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE’ were Tyler sneaking in and out of his party for a late-night rendezvous, then ‘WILSHIRE’ is Tyler anxiously overthinking the situation in his bedroom at 3am, while the party continues in the other room. Like ‘SWEET’, ‘WILSHIRE’ is a long track, which explores the relationship between him and the girl in far more depth, revealing his deeper emotions about the situation, as well as hers. With a constantly looping instrumental, it purposefully feels as though Tyler is stuck in a tempest of thoughts; between replaying key moments of their relationship in his head, and experiencing immense guilt for having even pursued a girl who was already taken. This is followed by a short epilogue track, ‘SAFARI’, which brings the album comfortably to a close; DJ Drama returns into the mix, triumphant, bright horns play, and Tyler returns to his adoring crowd.

Although not having as concrete a narrative as “IGOR”, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” still manages to tell a compelling story, while also acting as a victory-lap for the fantastic streak of albums that Tyler has had over the last few years. And not only does it celebrate that streak, but it also joins it. “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” is first and foremost, an extremely entertaining record. The energy and charisma that Tyler shows in every track here is off the charts; from his signature switch-ups in vocal and instrumental styles between and within songs, to his excellent lyrical abilities; the record is just such a fun time, through and through. And it does so, while also including a great narrative, which is told periodically throughout. “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST’s” runtime probably could have been trimmed down a bit, in order to make it feel as tight as “IGOR” or “Flower Boy”. But it never outstays its welcome, with its extended tracks actually proving to be amongst the strongest moments on here. Either way, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” is another really great release from Tyler, The Creator. He’s proven himself to be one of the most interesting and talented figures working in the music industry at the moment, and this album is an excellent opening statement in what will likely be another huge decade for his career.

"The plan was to stick my toe in and
Check the temperature, but
Next thing I know, I'm
I'm drownin"

Reviewed by Layton Bryce - 08/07/2021



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